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Ice Cream Powder - Serbuk Ice Cream Cone
Pengawet Makanan - Sodium Benzoate
Anti Gumpal - Anti Cacking Agent - Tri Calcium Phospat
Glucono Delta Lactone - Penggumpal Susu Kedelai untuk produksi Tahu Halus - Tahuwa
Soda Kie untuk Pengenyal Mie
Bumbu Marinate - Bumbu Perendam
Selongsong Sosis & Bumbu Sosis
Tepung Fried Chicken Crispy & Keriting
Bread Crump - Tepung Roti Crispy untuk Nugget & Tempura
Essence aneka rasa untuk minuman rasa Lecy, Strawberry, Apel, Teh, Cocopandan, dll
Gelatin, bahan baku permen jelly
Jelly Gum - Tepung Jelly, Carragenan Gum
CMC Food Grade - Pengental untuk syrup, saos, kecap


Senin, 12 Januari 2009

When You Want To Be A Proffesional Chef

When you want to be a Professional Chef.
TRISTAR CULINARY INSTITUTE is an educational institute producing individuals having culinary skills and professionalism in career.

The teaching methods of Tri Star Culinary Institute focuses more in daily practical activities. Everyday from Monday to Friday the students are given 1 (one) hour theory and 3 (three) hour practice.

The course will mainly stress on the techniques of internationally standard products making and processing.

All the course materials are well prepared by the Tri Star Culinary Institute management. With the support of experienced teaching staff it is expected that the students can be prepared to be qualified new culinary experts.

Students shall join on the job training for 6 months in 4 or 5 star hotels, so that they may get more practical knowledge and the chance of applying the skills they have got during study in the campus.

Tri Star Culinary Institute has 3 programs of Professional Education of 6 months, 1 or 2 years covering :

1. P√Ęttiseries (Bakery & Pastry).

2. Culinary.

Become the center of educational, train, and development of the best culinary school which could produce professional expert.

1. Provide education and culinary training with good quality.
2. Prepare and produce the student to be an expert in culinary world

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